The Third ‘New Voice’ Conference by Tmall Hey Box

Launched by Alibaba’s Tmall, ‘Tmall Hey Box’ uses artificial intelligence and big data to help users of Tmall and Taobao mobile apps select new products. For brands, it is also an important platform for releasing and promoting products.

During 7-8 January 2021, Tmall Hey Box hosted its third ‘New Voice’ conference at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai. Themed ‘Redefining consumption in 2021’, the event aimed to bring together representatives from brands and key opinion leaders to reveal new product marketing trends and annual strategies. Awards were also presented to incentivise the Tmall brands. Tmall commissioned Pico to provide event management services for the conference.



Black was the dominant colour of the finished venue, with dramatic lighting effects creating a modern atmosphere akin to an experimental theatre. A 44-metre LED screen on the main conference area’s stage with vivid visual elements and lighting effects created an immersive, stunning experience for the audience.

The team specially built the conference’s registration system. Each guest obtained an exclusive invitation code for recording and confirming their identity. As well as effectively managing the check-in process, the system consolidated statistics for client reference.

Several installations at the conference were devised by the team to help over 200 participating brands boost their audience interaction. One of these was a brand wall area at the venue entrance. Decorated in classic black-and-white to mimic a film studio, it used laser projection plus dynamic video to showcase various brands. Another interactive feature was a photo corner where users could scan the exclusive QR code on their invitation card to light up and reveal brand logos and exclusive new products.

The team put a considerable thought and effort into planning crowd flow. Different groups of participants were identified with colour-coded bracelets, each denoting a one-way experiential journey through the conference. A clear wayfinding system further helped guests to engage in the experience. The team also prepared a range of pandemic prevention materials and ensured that strict health controls were in place to ensure a smooth, safe conference.


570 participants attended.