Evian ‘I wanna’ campaign

Established as a premium water brand since its 1990s ‘Live Young’ campaign, in 2019 Evian again took aim at youthful consumers with ‘I wanna’ a new global campaign designed to build top-of-mind presence and consideration among Gen Z.

Pico was tasked to trans-create ‘I wanna’ for roll-out in the key markets of Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Vital objectives were to not only drive a change in perception of Evian as a brand, but drive conversion at their e-commerce and physical channels.



Pico was appointed to develop an overall go-to-market strategy and a plan for producing and executing an integrated brand campaign across the four markets. The team’s total brand activation services included campaign strategy and planning, development of creative assets, press launch, influencer management, social and digital campaigns, and data and analytics of interim outcomes.


The campaign generated a high level of engagement among the relevant ‘tribes’ of Evian. Its overachieving on PR deliverables and engagements resulted in participation at convenience stores and e-commerce channels.