2020 Tencent Game Bot Zhiji physical exhibition in Kexing Science Park

Known as an ‘AI game companion’, Tencent’s Game Bot Zhiji is an upgraded product that brings gameplay to a new level, offering players more scenarios and opportunities to personalise their activity. To introduce Zhiji and its virtues to clients, Tencent Games organized a Tencent Game Bot Zhiji exhibition at Kexing Science Park in Shenzhen.


Uniquely, though the event was physical, the exhibition itself would comprise a series of interactive virtual and physical games, taking visitor engagement to a whole new level. Pico was engaged to deliver event planning, design and on-site execution services. The team also planned a series of engaging immersive interactive activities for attendees, including a Q&A corner and souvenir AR photo shooting and printing.

Pico also collaborated with the client to create one of the event’s highlights: an interactive holographic projection that ‘materialised’ Zhiji in front of attendees – a spectacular example of virtual and real worlds colliding.

To give attendees even more incentive to discover Zhiji – as well as expand the product’s online fanbase – they were invited to follow the official Zhiji account and video account, and load its WeChat mini app. They could then collect complete various fun tasks to collect stamps, win prizes, and enter a lucky draw.